In the Past, Using Strong Passwords was Hard

Now, it's Easy

Paranoid Password Solves Your Password Crisis

Everyone knows they should have unique, strong passwords for every site, but it's just been too inconvenient, until now.

Paranoid Password gives you a simple, safe way to have just a few, easy-to-remember passwords without all the risk.

Unique Password for Every Site

Paranoid is a password generator that takes your easy to remember passwords and creates a unique, long, random-looking, and strong password for every site you visit.

Never Stores Your Password

Unlike some other password solutions, Paranoid never stores your password anywhere, helping to keep you safe.

Available Everywhere

Paranoid is available from any browser, on all major operating systems, and on all the major mobile devices so you can always create your passwords whenever you need one.


Your password is already compromised. Every day, hackers steal millions of passwords from sites all around the world, both big and small. Plenty of the sites out there are just plain evil and sell your username and password combination, and even the good intentioned sites are constantly falling victim to the thousands of ways you can mess up security. With all of this constantly happening, you absolutely cannot use the same password across multiple sites. Unfortunately, before Paranoid, that required having a perfect memory, writing them down somewhere (no!), or storing them all in one (hopefully encrypted) place (yikes!).

Luckily, Paranoid Password now makes it easy. Paranoid Password solves all your password problems by giving you a tool that lets you use your small set of good passwords to create strong, unique passwords everywhere without ever exposing them externally. Paranoid does not store your passwords on your computer, so there is no 'master' file that thieves could steal with access to all of your accounts, and, more importantly, there is no need to transmit this extremely sensitive data across the internet all the time just so you can access your own passwords on your phone or on a different computer.

Finally, Passwords are Easy


Paranoid Password works by combining three things - your passphrase (ideally a group of several compeletely random words - see this video on creating strong passwords ), your paranoid lock (another password you can remember, which can be more simple if you desire), and the url of the site where you are logging in. Paranoid combines these together using thousands of iterations of an industry standard password hashing algorithm (PBKDF2) to create a strong password unique to that site.

Mixing and matching your master password(s) with a handful of different locks is easy and it effectively gets you unlimited, extremely strong passwords that are unique for every site.

Finally, you can have your proverbial cake and eat it too.


By now, everyone knows they should use unique, strong passwords on every site, but almost nobody does. Paranoid Password makes this easy, and it also helps protect you in several others ways.

Strong Passwords without the Fuss

Remember just a few good passwords, then let Paranoid take those and generate a unique, strong password for every site and program you use.

Your Passwords are Never Stored

Because Paranoid generates your passwords when you need them, there is no reason to store them, completely removing the many risks from keeping all of your passwords in one master file.

Your Passwords are Always Available

You can generate your Paranoid hash from any device with the free paranoid app, or from the public generation page on both the product page and the open source project, so you will always be able to generate your passwords, no matter what.

Your Passwords are Never Transferred

Paranoid generates your passwords when you need them, wherever your are, so you never need to transfer and sync your master password list on every device where you need to log in. This also eliminates all the risks of sending your password file over the internet over and over and over.

No Network Connection Needed

Generating your Paranoid Hash happens locally, so not only is it more secure because it doesn't require any network traffic, but you can generate your passwords on devices without a connection or on your mobile while you have no service.

Easy to Use on Public Computers

Logging in to a website or program on a friend's or public computer is as easy as generating your Paranoid Hash on the generation page. If you were using a password manager program instead you would need to install the program (if you even have permission), download your password vault, use the program, then hopefully delete and uninstall it all correctly.

Help Prevent Accidental Disclosure

Phishing is a common way thieves try to get your passwords by making their website look like a different site (for example, your email, bank, or social network), then stealing your password when you mistakenly try to log in. Paranoid uses the name of the site you are on to generate your password, so even if you try to log in, the thieves will get their own unique password instead of the password for the real site they were trying to target.

Extremely Strong Passwords

Paranoid hashes are random-looking passwords using uppercase, lowercase, and numeric characters -- they will not be on any common password list for hackers and generating a list of Paranoid hashes is extremely expensive (Paranoid intentionally makes generating passwords hard for computers) and would only work for one site at a time.


You need your password on all of your devices (and public devices too), so paranoid is available everywhere.

Paranoid Password - Wherever You Need It

The Paranoid Password Apps are in Closed Beta

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Paranoid Password could be offered with an annual subscription and/or a large up-front cost like many of the other password solutions out there. However, we want to get a good tool in the hands of as many people as possible, so we are giving away the desktop versions of Paranoid and making a free version available online from any device so that everyone can start having strong passwords. Moreover, we believe security must be done in the open, so the Paranoid Password algorithm is both free and open source - security experts can vet the algorithm and the code, and anyone can create apps using paranoid.

If Paranoid Password changes your life for the better, either share the app with some of your friends (they most likely need it!) or consider buying the mobile applications or the upgraded desktop versions. These come with some extra features that optionally make things even more convenient (and you'll feel awesome too).

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